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2023.09.26 / In the News

Chicago is a major logistics hub. But what makes it so?

Over the years, Chicagoland has become an attractive logistics hub, leading to a sharp increase in the number of distribution centers. What makes so alluring? Recently, Chicago-based Core Industrial Realty Founder Noel Liston addressed this question while discussing the impact of these factors on the development process.

First and foremost, Chicago’s geographical location is a linchpin in its appeal for this type of project. Positioned as a central access point, the city offers easy access to a significant portion of the U.S. (most states within a 24-hour drive or less), reducing transit times and costs and making it an optimal location for companies aiming to distribute goods efficiently across the nation.

Yet geographical advantage is only part of the equation. Chicago offers impressive infrastructure that supports the logistics industry and is home to intermodal prairies where the four major rail carriers converge, transforming the region into a critical hub for ferrying goods between various regions of the country and facilitating the flow of commerce on a grand scale.